Is eGo one of the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand?

We all are familiar of the fact that eGo is one of the best brands in electronic cigarette industry. It is not only popular because of its affordability but people also like it because of its long battery life and attractive appearance. You will be surprised to hear that they also support low resistance atomizers which are capable of providing the best vapor production even with a small size electronic cigarette.

They were basically developed by Joyetech. Well, this firm has also granted few of its distribution rights to several other electronic cigarette firms particularly in United States. The famous e-cig company i.e. eGo has opened door for various different versions and modification of the original product particularly in different regions of the world like China. You can also search for my7s, one of the best blog to know detailed information about electronic cigarette.

Hence, a wide range of these products are available all around the globe today.The two most popular electronic cigarettes brands available in the market are eGo T and eGo Twist. People often get confused between them because each of these electronic cigarettes has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can also search for various other relevant websites to know more detailed information.