Internet Software Strategy For Patient Relationship Management

Patients significantly use Internet to evaluate, locate, receive, validate, and complain about doctor's services. Although most health treatment providers (79%) had wary patients about the unreliability of information about health on the Internet, 80 percent of adult Internet users have searched health or medical information online. Found in fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Medical Broadcasting Company and Nielsen/NetRatings, two out of three Americans turn to the web before their well being visits to research their condition and prepare questions. After their visits, these patients typically do more Internet research to confirm what their doctor advised them and discover answers to questions they didn't think to ask. For more help visit

Multiple studies show that practices with personal IT services have significant competitive advantage in conditions of patient understanding. For instance, 75% of U. S. adults wish to schedule their doctor trips via the Internet and receive e-mail reminders. Yet so few practices offer such services that only 4% of your patients will use Internet to schedule appointments. Moreover, while 67% of patients would like to receive their lab results via email, only 2% currently do. Such large dissimilarities between expected and delivered degrees of information access must change into significant dissimilarities functioning value perception.