Instructions To Use A Starrett Micrometer

Starrett micrometer is a device used to accurately measure the thickness and size of the object in many home projects and renovation industry. The device can provide a precise measurement of dimensions or distances smaller than 0.0002 inch. 

Check the flat surface of the micrometer and a lower spindle to ensure that they do not have dust or dirt. Use a clean cotton cloth at your fingertips to wipe any residue or dirt from various parts of ‘micrometers’ (Also known as ไมโครเมตรin the Thai language).

Image result for Starrett MicrometerPlace the item to be measured against this micrometer anvil. Make sure that the items are flat and not tilted in any way. Ratcheting knob located on top of a micrometer to quickly lower the spindle device on the object. Stop turning the knob once it reaches the surface of the item being measured spindle.

Thimble stop spindles from going further after contact with the object. The ratcheting knob, on the other hand, will continue to change unless the operator manually pivot stop turning the knob. Rotating the knob too much can damage Starrett micrometers and provide accurate measurements. It can also damage the item being measured.

Adjusting micrometer to ‘zero’ accurate is very important to get an accurate measurement. If the measurements at the micrometer not show zero when the spindle is in full contact with the ground, it could mean that the device is knocked out or damaged. 

The Starrett micrometers contain small pin spinner which can be used to tweak this micrometer barrel. Rotate the spinner pin can be put back to zero in the proper position. 

It is important to regularly check the calibration on your micrometer to remain in working order when necessary. You can get a professional service to inspect and repair your Starrett micrometers to better measurement.