Important Soft Skills for a Digital Audio Transcriptionist

The digital audio transcription profession is a specialized profession. It requires excellent transcription skills and in-depth medical knowledge to survive in the profession. However, there are some soft skills that are integral to the success of a digital audio transcriptionist. In today’s post, we’ll look at a few of such soft skills.

Commitment to deadlines

The digital audio transcription profession is laden with stringent deadlines. One has to be absolutely committed to meeting each and every single deadline in order to survive in this profession.

Willingness to learn

The transcriptionist has to keep updating his/her knowledge on a regular basis.


Most transcriptionists need to work without any supervision. This requires them to be extremely disciplined and organized.


It is easy to get distracted in the digital audio transcription job, especially if one is working from home. The transcriptionist has to remain focused at all times, as any distraction can cause a grave error in the medical records, impacting the safety of patients.


Given the nature of the digital audio transcription job, transcriptionists may lose interest in the job after some time. They should be able to keep themselves motivated in spite of the monotony of the work.


The transcription profession does not provide guidance at every step, thus requiring transcriptionists to work completely on their own. The transcriptionists should be able to perform without supervision.