Important Considerations in the Tree Removal Process

If there is a huge tree in your yard, then you should arrange for its removal before it brings up problems such as interfering with the electric lines. It is not a good idea to cut down the tree on your own.

Breaking its branches or cutting it down by yourself would increase the possibility of damaging the electric lines or even your house.

Factors to consider before tree removal:

– Area bylaws: Most areas have some bylaws that regulate the removal of a tree even from private property. Therefore, go through the laws and ensure you are fully compliant with them.

– Underground hazards: If the tree is to be removed alongside its stump, then you need to check if there are some underground cables, gas lines and sewer that may get damaged. You can browse for tree removal North Shore services.

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– Proximity to your house: In some cases, you may want to cut down a tree which is closer to the house. In such cases, extra care should be taken to avoid any serious damage to the house.

– Trees that overhang the property of a neighbor: There are cases when small part or even a major part of a tree within your home overhangs a neighboring home. You should check what the local bylaws say about such cases. Moreover, you should seek the neighbor's permission before removing the tree.

– Insurance: Make sure the contractor you hire is properly insured for injuries or property damage to the crew, yourself, and even your neighbors while taking out the tree.

– Disposal: Most people tend to underestimate the kind of material they will have to get rid of after a tree is removed. Cutting down a big tree would leave tons of debris, branches, and wood that cannot fit in the garbage pickup. Therefore, it is important to hire a company with an on-site shredder in order to make the work easier and reduce disposal costs.

– Cost of Removal: The first factor that determines the cost of removing a tree is its size. Bigger and wider trees will attract higher removal charges. The location of the tree can also affect the cost.

The companies would ask for more money in case the tree is closer to a house and other structures, power lines and other utility lines, or any other place that would require high-level expertise and sophisticated equipment to accomplish the task.