How Your Ego Influences Your Interactions with Women

It might surprise you, but your ego has a bigger influence on your life as you might expect. It influences how you react to certain things, how you talk to people around you and even how you decide to see yourself. But the one thing you might not even acknowledge yourself is your egos impact on your interactions with women.

Every time you talk to a woman, your ego makes you act in a certain way. If everything goes well and you have a great conversation with her, you feel like a million dollars because you know that she likes you. However, when you get rejected by her, you take it personally, feel down and have a really hard time getting over it.

Therefore, the solution for this problem is not to react from ego and let the reactions you get from women influence you. Yes, you shouldn't even count the positive reactions you get! This way you put your ego aside and start to see your interactions with women in a new light. This also frees from you from expecting an outcome and the quality of your conversations improves, because you aren't talking to a woman to get something from her.

You can not really get rid of ego completely, but you can definitely make a difference how it influences you. Therefore, don't let your ego influence you in such ways that can affect the conversations you have with a girl you like. This way you are guaranteed to have a more fulfilling discussions.

This is just one example of how your ego can have an impact on your interactions with the girls you meet. But if you take the advice above, you will be in a much better situation with girls you meet than a guy who lets his ego lead his behavior.