How Web Analytical Tools Help in Proper Analysis of Site Performance?

web development companyAnalyzing performance of online marketing campaigns is quite important for judging whether they have been successful or not. Such analysis becomes possible with use of web analytics tools which assist you in evaluating whether marketing campaigns are improving traffic on the site and also in examining visitor interactions on the website. This type of information can help you in formulating proper strategies.

What information is available through web analytics tools?

There are many good web analytical tools available such as Google Analytics which any web development company can set up and use. Some of the useful details which can be checked using such analytical tools include:  

  • The number of visitors landing on the site.
  • The main sources from which visitors are coming.
  • After arriving on the site do they view other pages also?
  • The time for which they stay on your website.
  • Do they quickly leave?
  • The main countries that are sending visitor traffic to your site.
  • How many conversions you are achieving on your site?

Significance of Web Analytics

Any experienced web development company utilizes data available in web analytical tools for reviewing performance of your site. Few of the main aspects that are analyzed with the help of these analytical tools include:

  • Number & Type of Visitors: Using tools such as Google Analytics it becomes easier to find out the number of visitors arriving on your website daily. Additionally, you will also be able to view information about new and returning visitors.

If the figure for returning visitors is high it will mean that people find your site useful and return on regular basis for getting more information.

  • Demographic Details: Apart from information about visitor traffic the other detail you will be able to check will consist of demographic data. Such data will include age group of visitor, the countries they are coming from and their gender.

If your business is mainly in Canada and you are getting more traffic from USA then it will become necessary to tweak your online campaigns so that you can get more traffic from your targeted country.

Likewise, in case main focus area of your website is teenagers in the age group 13-19 but age group of people coming to your site is different then also such data will help you in modifying your marketing strategies.

  • Sources of Traffic and the Bounce Rate: By checking traffic source information you will be able to find out where you are getting the traffic from, whether it is the search engines or the social media site.

In addition to it, if during your analysis you see that bounce rate is high then it will indicate that something is wrong with your site. It could be that the design of the site has some issues or pages are loading very slowly or content is not of required standard.

You will also be able to check the search terms users are coming from and if they are totally un-relevant then search engine optimization tactics will have to be modified.


Thus it is quite clear that web analytics is very important for any site and helps you in properly measuring performance of marketing campaigns.