How to Stop a Cat from Spraying Using Litter Boxes

I have a cat at home which likes to play with me. As a matter of fact, it likes to annoy me by spraying in the house itself. It very well knows that I get agitated whenever it sprays urine in the house thereby spoiling the floor. To be honest, it is not that I love the floor of my house more than the cat. I definitely love my cat more. But, at the same time, a house with cat urine smell and a dirty floor can be unlivable. This annoying problem with my cat put me on a mission to find how to stop a cat from spraying.

I went online and searched for easy methods one can use to stop a cat from spraying. The first method I came across was the litter box method. It is a popular method and the reasoning behind the method is sound. After reading about the method, I ordered a couple of litter boxes on I purchased expensive litter boxes. I didn’t want to be cheap in this matter. As soon as I received the litter boxes, I tried to implement the method. For the first few days, it was not working and I started losing hope. But, I was persistent mainly because the litter boxes were expensive. I am happy that I was persistent because the method started showing results. The cat started spraying inside the litter box without spoiling the floor of my home. So, I am saying by experience that the litter box method on how to stop a cat from spraying definitely works.