How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

On the maps of old there would often be a dark place with the warning. There be dragons! Obviously this could be a very dangerous place. And typically the dragons would whack fire and smoke off their nostrils. You look for Quit Smoking Hypnosis and NYC Hypnotist on relevant websites online. 

But the dragons of old were difficult to train and control, just as your interior dragon is difficult to control. If you think of smoking as an external thing, as a dragon that is not a part of you, but something that has taken control of you, then the process can be easier.

If you believe it's a part of then how will you ever separate you from the habit. So learn to see it as the dragon, sure dragons are cool nevertheless they are dangerous and killed people in the myths.

Thus the strategy is from now on to treat every cigarette as a foreign invader, a dragon from the dark age groups trying to destroy your kingdom. Treat it as an enemy. Look at your packet with disgust and talk to each cigarette.

You may show up slightly mad if you do this in public places, probably in your mind will do. However in the personal privacy of your own home look at it before lighting up and say something like: "You dirty stinking thing, I'm sick and tired of controlling my life, I am tired of you robbing me personally financially and I've experienced enough of you wiping out my health and my life.

(Back to dragons) I'm going to kill you, cut you down and stay free from you forever. Say it with passion and mean it, get angry! Get serious! This is your life and your future at stake. This really is no fairy story, the dragon is real and it's to be able to get you.

Your self-talk is the first phase, it prepares you for your hypnosis session. Self-talk at best can motivate you, but the hypnosis will take those same messages strong into your unconscious mind, which will set you free.

Hypnosis is the most effective dragon slaying weapon you are able to use. Is actually like putting on your armor and swinging your magic sword and going back triumphant from battle.