How to obtain a NSW boat licence

Receiving a boating licence in NSW is very similar to getting a driver’s licence. The first step is a quality training course.Courses that are more than one day can be taken when it fits the students’ schedules. Instructors will even take the course to the students and meet a group at an offsite venue.

When the course is complete, a boat licence nsw can be obtained for a fee. Just like a driver’s licence, a person must pay a state government fee to the Roads and Maritime Services in order to receive a boat licence. There are a variety of options including one-, three-, and five-year licences. Young adults, those aged 12 to 16 may also obtain a licence and both adults and young adults can also purchase a separate PWC, or personal watercraft, licence.

Growing demand in the industry

With more boats on the water expected in the coming years, the need for boat licences will increase. It is expected that the current number of registered boats will double in the next 10 years due to population growth and an increase in standards of living. The increased demand in boats translates into an increased demand for boating licences.

For a NSW boating licence there are many boating schools. Booking courses is easy and can be done online at the school’s website or by calling the school phone number.

Students receive quality training from industry professionals with years of experience.