How to Install VoIP Internet Phone Service in Your Home

Did you know that internet phone service is so easy to install, that literally "anyone" can do it? Many people shy away from getting VoIP service because they think they are not "technical" enough to install it themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth! If you can look at pictures and follow a few simple instructions, you can install VoIP internet phone service and take advantage of the tremendous cost savings associated with this great technology.

How to Install VoIP Internet Phone Service in Your Home

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VoIP telephone service looks and feels like traditional “land line" phone service. The difference is that rather than using the phone company's wires, your calls are routed over the internet. In case you have broadband (high speed) internet service, you can use internet phone services.

Internet telephone service costs only a fraction of what regular phone service costs, which is the reason why millions of people have already made the change. Most VoIP plans offer you unlimited local and long distance calling within the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico for under $25 per month.

How to Install VoIP Internet Phone Service

As soon as you have settled on a VoIP service provider (there are many to choose from), sign up for support on their site. In a week or so, you'll get a VoIP adapter (also called an ATA) in the email. This is the system that functions as the “brains" of your online phone system.

When your VoIP adapter arrives, follow the simple directions to attach it to your broadband modem/router and to your phone and computer. There are no tools needed, and there isn't any software to install.