How To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are little oddly shaped objects in different shapes and sizes that float around in the vitreous, the clear gel that fills the eyeball. When they float in the line of vision, they are seen as spots, cobwebs and randomly twisted strings.

If you know what floaters are, and just want information on how to get rid of them, then there are normally 2 approaches;

1. Surgical Treatment

There are two types of medical process that are presently available to treat floaters. However, doctors usually hesitate to recommend these treatments unless the patients have decreased vision from floaters. These treatments are also costly and are not usually available at any hospital as they can only be performed by specially-trained surgeons.For more information on Laser Eye Surgery Sydney you can check online.



Here are the 2 medical choices.

YAG Laser: The treatment involves focusing a laser beam on to the floaters at a suitable energy level that is strong enough to vaporize them. For some other floaters that aren't so simply vaporized, they are broken to a size that is not perceptible by the patient.

Although newer YAG laser machines have become easier to use, the success in treating floaters is still dependent on the experience of the doctor. There are many challenges that the surgeon is faced with. Firstly, the object being targeted is in motion.