How to Get Relationship Counseling

Every one of us at one point or another may need to have relationship counseling. Some people think that relationship counseling is for couples, while in reality all couples-to-be, family members, employees with their employers, and clients with their professionals can make use of it during troubling times. You may opt for premarital counseling at,, if relationship between you and your spouse are not good.

In fact, it should not even be restricted to troubling times. Couples who would like to enhance their relationship, for example, can also go for it.

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1) Give priority to the counselor that you are already familiar with and one who knows your family history. This person will normally be better equipped to deal with your family problems. Still, make sure that s/he is not too familiar with the family.

2) If you can't find this person, ask friends for recommendations, particularly those who had counseling themselves. However, you should be cautious. What works for other people, may not work for you. 


3) If you still can't find one, check the Internet. Search counseling directories. Make use of zip code. 


  4) Check their credentials. The area of expertise should be relevant. However, you should not overlook other factors such as experience and style. 


5) Make sure that you can afford this counselor. Different counselors have different fee structures. You should expect to pay about 100 USD per hour for one session.