How To Do A Liver Flush To Alleviate Gallbladder Symptoms

Generally speaking the majority of people who are afflicted by the condition of gallbladder stones are people who are over the age of forty. With this being said it should be noted that while the majority of people are over forty, there are still significant numbers of patients that have gallstones and they are less than forty years of age, especially if the person is female or if the person is pregnant. There are other factors like obesity that also cause younger individuals to complain of the signs and symptoms of gallstones. If you are experiencing pain in your upper abdomen or in the right side of your body close to your ribs, it is likely that you are experiencing one of the most common gallbladder symptoms. The pain will generally be after a meal and may awaken you in the night. It should last only a few hours at most and then magically be relieved. You may also feel bloated or have frequent indigestion that normal methods of treatment do not seem to affect. You may notice these symptoms occurring any time you eat, even when the meal was not a large one. For more information go here: 

Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and other medication that is designed to stop pain will have no affect if what is causing your pain is gallstones. Gallstones get lodged in the tiny little channels they are supposed to travel through and when they get stuck, they are painful. So pains in the belly region, or in the back, and indigestion, are not relieved when you take medication. Gallbladder pain is only relieved when the stones are forced out of the little channel. One thing that people often do to help their body to eliminate these stones is to eat little green apples and drink a solution of olive oil and lemon juice. The fiber of the apple combined with the oil can force the bile out of the bladder and force all of the stones out as well. If the stones are too large they cannot move through the channels and they will have to be surgically removed if they are forced into the channel during the green apple and olive oil cleanse. This video will show you how to perform this gentle cleanse: