How To Decide Which Water Softener You Should Buy

If you have hard water in your home and are searching for solutions to solve your problem, there are several different types and models of water softeners to help fix your problem. In the past there were only big multi-tank water softeners, such as the Northstar Water Softener, which required homeowners to continuously add more salt to the tanks every week or so, which proved to be quite a pain for many homeowners. And while normal water softeners are an excellent option and are still in use today, there are several new eco friendly choices available on the market that can make a lot more sense.

For instance, the NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener which relies on citric acid, isn't just an eco friendly alternative, but also a lot easier to install and maintain. The NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener is simpler and more streamlined to install than normal water softener units, making it perfect for homeowners who are seeking a job that is simple easy to install in just a weekend. Also, the Nuvo system requires that you replace the filtration cartridges every 2-3 months depending on your own water quality, which makes it great for female homeowners that do not want to drag around heavy bags of salt. Since, the NuvoH20 water softener works by water pressure, there aren't any moving parts to break down or require you to call out a maintenance technician to service your water softener. In fact besides the filtration cartridges, there is nothing to break or fail in the unit, other than in a few years you will eventually have to replace the unit after the seals and rubber break down.  Though you can expect years of maintenance free operation with a saltless water softener, which is something that you just can't get out of a conventional water softener, which requires that you continuously monitor the salt level in the tanks and the units operation.