How To Avoid Or Even Treat A Yeast Infection

Any woman can tell you that when you've got any kind of infection that requires treatment with an antibiotic, a yeast infection is sure to follow that course of antibiotics. Why? Because the antibiotic is designed to kill all bacteria, with no survivors. This is a good news, bad news scenario. Yes, whatever bacteria is causing your infection will be history. The problem is that this means bacteria of the 'good' type are decimated as well, leaving you wide open to the dreaded yeast infection. Yes, there are a contingent of 'good' bacteria, which help maintain a balance that wards off the yeast type of infection, an irritating and troublesome infection all on its own!

This type of infection can be remedied with a number of over-the-counter medicines, which, as you may already know, are just as much trouble as the original infection! Granted, if you've got bronchitis or a systemic infection, you're best off to take the antibiotics. The question still remains, what to do about the inevitable infection of yeast which requires another solution?

If you must take an antibiotic in order to cure a yeast infection, take preemptive action about what may necessarily follow. Consult with your doctor, raising this question. See if a garlic regimen might be the answer … so long as garlic will not interfere with the action of the prescribed antibiotic, make garlic your BFF – at least for the time being. Garlic is a much more friendly, natural antibiotic that counteracts the negative effects of the antibiotic and can help prevent yeast infections. While garlic is proven to kill almost three dozen pathogens, it does not affect the 'good' bacteria which wards off yeast infections. Assuming your doc has no objections to a round of garlic ongoing with your course of antibiotics, you'll do well to give a big thumbs up to garlic during this period. Include garlic in your daily diet – hey, how about some garlic bread with your salad? Garlic supplements, like the Kyolic(R) line, supply the necessary allicin (the 'bad' bacteria killer) in a non-halitosis formula that can save you from that so-called 'inevitable' yeast infection.

Yogurt is another of the natural ways to ward off this nasty and irritating infection. While you're taking the antibiotics, eat a lot of yogurt! You can also use natural yogurt to bathe your intimate areas, thus replenishing those 'good' bacteria and so, prevent a yeast infection. This method also works in the case of an already present infection.

You don't need to endure a second infection in order to get rid of the first! Use garlic, garlic supplements and yogurt as your first line of defense against the yeast infection. It's preventable! For more information about this please visit this website