How Hospital Complaint Procedure starts?

It is not essential that always a practitioner is responsible for medical negligence. There can be plenty of other reasons behind it. But yes, in majority of cases, practitioners are seen the reason behind medical negligence. Sometimes, hospital authority gets involved into the matters of medical negligence. Under the law of medical negligence, patients are considered as eligible for filing a medical negligence claim against the defaulter whether it is the practitioner or hospital authority. But for that, the patient must have appropriate proofs that can prove the claim to be a genuine one. If the medical negligence solicitor do not consider the evidences as genuine then the case cannot move further for legal proceedings. A patient must acquire certain amount of knowledge about Hospital Complaint Procedure that is available on multiple websites available online; one of such website is

Hospital authority only gets involved in the cases of medical negligence if the negligence is done by any faculty member or practitioner who is a permanent member of the hospital (not working on contractual bases). In such cases, the claim is considered as against the hospital authority directly or indirectly, here the defaulter along with hospital authority pays the asked amount of compensation to the patient.