How Do You Use an Ozone Generator to Kill Insects?

Bugs can be a terrible plague to have in your home. Even just a few bugs out in the open can cause us to shudder away with discomfort. There are many ways you can get rid of them. You don’t have to use dangerous chemicals or have an expensive bug control service come out.

However, if it’s an infestation, the latter might be a good idea. Either way, an ozone generator can do a lot of good for your home in both odors and bugs. It can do other things too, but running it for a few hours a day over a week can lead to good results.

Bugs will either be run out of your home or killed, including the ones hatching from eggs. However, before you do run an ozone generator, you need to be sure to remove all living things from the room. You need to stay out of the room, keep pets out, and remove all plants. Each of these things can be negatively affected by ozone, especially in concentrated forms.

Sealing up the room and letting the ozone generator run for a while will give you the best results, but only go into the room about an hour or two after the ozone has diminished. It will eventually turn back to oxygen, which you can breathe safely.