How conveyancing becomes easy?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of the property to some other person and this process has now become very easier as compared to the early 1970’s when solicitors are the only ones’ who have the right to assure you the possession of your property in a legit way. But before we tell us how this process has been changed throughout many years you must need to understand how Conveyancing Works? this process is basically designed to ensure that the buyer secures the property title along with all the rights and also he/she should get the notice in advance about the restrictions of purchase.

In United Kingdom conveyancing is done by solicitors or a licensed conveyancer, solicitors can enter and do every trade without any experience and there is very little contribution by them during the process of conveyancing, In the 1970s solicitors were charging a scale fee for conveyancing. This depended on property value, not on work done. In 1979 some generous people formed an associate company in NSW called Flat Fee Conveyancing Service. With others, they overturned this unfair scale fee practice. So they introduced a new concept called conveyancing kits and these kits have helped thousands of people in saving hundreds of thousands when conveyancing their property legally.