How An Expereniced DUI Lawyer Can Help You

What are the Main Benefits of Hiring 

an Experienced DUI Lawyer in a Driving Under Influence Case?

Facing DUI charges? The best thing to do in such situation would be appointing an experienced DUI lawyer so that available defenses can be utilized to get you acquitted. Our aim here will be to look into some of the defenses lawyers use for defending your case.  

How a DUI lawyer can help?

In any impaired driving or driving under influence case there are several factors which an experienced DUI lawyer can utilize to strengthen your position. Moreover, lawyers can thoroughly examine your case and determine whether any violation has occurred of your constitutional rights while investigations were carried out police.

Situation #1: Violation of Constitutional Rights & Not Allowed to Contact Counsel

DUI LawyerAfter any person is arrested or detained, such person is entitled to get in touch with his or her lawyer so as to receive proper advice about problem they are facing. Moreover, after arrest a person should be informed about availability of legal aid number (which is a toll free number) for people without any lawyer and want to get legal advice. In case police does not inform arrested person about above mentioned constitutional rights or does not provide the person opportunity of contacting his or her counsel then such failure can lead to rejection of alcohol level readings that have been taken at police station. Consequently, such exclusion of crucial evidence will most likely result in person's acquittal.

Situation #2: Lack of Reasonable Grounds

In some case if police is not able to prove the fact that they had reasonable grounds for suspecting the person recently consumed alcohol then in such situation an experienced lawyer can use such fact as a defense in a refusal to provide breath sample or over 80 charge. The reason is that any breath demand which is not according to laws would easily nullify subsequent breath test results.

Similarly, if the person is not allowed to consult his or her lawyer before giving a breath sample then in such situation the breath sample as well as other subsequent evidences can get excluded.

Situation #3: Use of Alternative Explanation

Lawyers can play an important role in providing explanation about why someone appeared to be under influence while actually the person was not driving under influence.

As for instance, after an accident, driver will generally exhibit similar symptoms to what police will notice when a person is driving under influence, such as unsteadiness of feet, slurred speech, etc. By providing such alternative explanations a DUI lawyer can strengthen your position in a DUI case. A lawyer can also take necessary steps to get the DUI charge reduced to a less stringent non criminal offense like a Highway ticket.

A Final Note

As we can see, laws regarding driving under influence are extremely complex and only by hiring an experienced DUI Lawyer you can be sure that charges levied against you can be defended in the right manner. A lawyer can properly scrutinize all aspects of your case and utilize defenses to get the charges dropped or sentence reduced.