Housing Rental Market in Singapore

There are literally thousands of real estate properties in Singapore that are on offer for rental accommodation. There are condos, HBD apartment units, different types of landed properties and the legacy buildings from the past, such as black and whites, bungalows and shophouses.

Rental market trends

Overall, symptoms are that rental accommodation and charges are poised to continue in its rise trend. You can also click online websites if you are interested in buying Singapore executive condo.

Rentals by location

The primary areas for rentals by region are Balestier/Greyland, Serangoon/Thompson Area & Southwest, Orchard/Holland, East Coast, West, Newton/Bukit Timah, Changi/Pasir Ris as well as the Northern area.A total of nearly 65,000 property rentals has been stated for all your locations including hotel accommodation. You will find 426 condos available for rental accommodation in most areas.

1,038 HBD apartments are also outlined for the Ang Mio Kio House alone, and undoubtedly the 25 other locations also providing apartments for rental. If you are really interested in buying bungalow then you can browshttps://www.vernproperty.com.sg/property-type/bungalow/.

Tenants eligible for rental accommodation

Tenants should be:

  • Singapore citizens
  • Permanent residents

Judging by the monthly rental rates in 2012 paid to rental owners, it is clear that accommodations of the HDB 3-4-5 and executive units, as well as the condos, are the most attractive and owners of these accommodations collect substantial revenue over a-6 months or 3-year period.

However, considering what trend entrepreneurs are letting them out and that the figures do not consider just how many units, the numbers could well be higher.

  • Rental type – – 6 Months – – 36 Months
  • HDB 5 bedroom – – SG$13,884 – – SG$41,652
  • HDB exec. – – SG$12,402 – – SG$ 37,206
  • Property – – SG$16,086 – – SG$48,258

Real yields

From the above, it’s quite clear that investment within Apartments and the HDBs result in very substantial ROIs.

Having a condo building as an example, we will recognize that the above results are right and we will assume unique.

First, that the condo has 200 rooms Next, the condominium design charge SG$50 million to constructThe typical monthly rental rate is SG$20,000 per month from items of characteristics and different dimensions 4th, the house construction is good for 40 years.