Heavy Equipment Safety Tips For Incident Prevention

Recently there have been a lot of accidents as a result of heavy equipment moving and earth moving machines. Below are a few tips you must follow to avoid such incidents:


1. Blind spots

It is very important that heavy equipment operators are hundred percent sure about the safety of others and themselves.  They should make sure that there is no one standing behind the vehicle or in their blind spot. If the vision is limited, make sure to have a spotter to help and direct you.

2. Communication

It is very important to have constant communication with colleagues and co-workers. Two-way radios are considered as the best way to communicate. If two-way radios are not available use hand signals to communicate with fellow colleagues.

3. Seatbelts

Earthmoving equipment hire Brisbane companies advise their customers to wear seatbelts at all times, as it can play an important role in saving your life in an accident or a rollover. A seat belt keeps you in the seat firmly so it is very important to wear it at all times.

4. Loading/Unloading Equipment

It is advised by professionals to be on level ground when unloading or loading material from your vehicle. It greatly reduces the risk of any incident or rollovers or even sliding off the low-bed ramps. Make sure the area is clear and does not have people around when loading and unloading material; it is preferable to use a spotter while unloading. 

5. Knowing your Limits

Operating equipment can be a stressful job even for a well experienced worker. It is recommended that you never accept a job which makes you feel over worked and uncomfortable.

These few tips can be very helpful to avoid accidents.