Hat Rules for Women

All sorts of people wear hats and for many different reasons. There are of course those hats that satisfy functional requirements such as the classic policeman's helmet or the baseball players peaked cap. Then there are those that have sustained favor largely through tradition like the deerstalker or the French beret. For many other types of hat, it is pure fashion that helps them retain their place in our wardrobes.

Like most decorative garments, the designer hat can often trace its heritage back to a practical origin. In the case of the formal hats seen in social circles, there are plenty of indications in their brim sizes and their frilly features to suggest that protection against the sun's bright rays was the main reason for wearing them. You can checkout wholesale hats of different varieties by visiting different websites online.

No doubt sunglasses hadn't been invented at the time and a hat was the only way to avoid being blinded on one of those rare summer days. 

Hat Rules for Women

Here are some general rules of thumb and answers for women who want to be trendy but don’t really know how to wear a hat.

1. Sun hats with big brims are worn when it’s warm and you want to hide your face from evil wrinkle-producing rays. Pinks and blues are good colors for most women.

2. Straw hats and other lightweight hats are worn during summer or whenever a warm hat is not needed.

3. Fedoras hats are majorly girly with embellishments like flowers or netting.

4. Does my hat have to match my outfit? It doesn’t matter whether your hat matches your outfit. It’s more important for the color of your hat to look good with your skin tone.