From where NHS pays the Compensation amount?

A patient can file a complaint about any kind of service provided by the NHS department; whichever he/she feels was beneath the expectation level. The patients are considered as eligible for registering a complaint against the defaulter after the establishment of medical negligence law which was founded for the welfare of the common people. Basically there are two different spheres for writing a complaint or for starting the complaint process. One is ‘Local resolution stage’ and another one is ‘Independent review stage’. Initially the ‘Local resolution stage’ is practiced and then comes the ‘Independent review stage’. There are endless websites from where you can get detailed information about filing a NHS complaint; you can learn more about NHS Compensation from

NHS Complaints should be filed within 12 months of the incident happened, because after that the patient is not considered as eligible for filing a complaint against the defaulter authority. But in some cases, the practitioners and complaint managers extend the time duration for any specific patient if they feel the reason is a genuine one which is mentioned by the patient.

Local resolution targets at resolving the complaints of the patients as soon as possible and frames the case in the best possible way. That is why; most of medical negligence solicitors advice to visit a local resolution consultants first.