Few Ways to See the Stars in Hollywood

The word Hollywood brings to mind wealthy movie stars, homes that are very costly and also a place where you're never certain who you may see next.

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However, of course you can't ever guarantee you will see e a big movie star, however hard you try. There are different methods to observe the stars though, and these may be as much fun as a fast glance of the real thing.

Try to visit the Hollywood Museum. This informative article on the Hollywood Boulevard ensures you will be able to rub shoulders with some of the greatest film stars of recent and more distant years.

This venue has been available for 3 decades now, and it has been exceedingly popular with visitors. You are able to pay tribute to Michael Jackson here and even have your picture taken with your favourite celebrity.

The next way to see the celebrities would be to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You won't really see them here of course, but you can see their handprints if you move along to = Chinese Movie Theatre.

If you want to see the celebrities' houses and want to one of them, you should reserve a place on one of those excursions of the Hollywood homes. Take care to pick a good excellent tour with a fantastic reputation, however, as some aren't as good as others.