Facts about LED TV

So, which one is better in the ongoing battle of LED or LCD? Some people say that LED is a definite winner, while some say that the LED TV has several advantages only that are actually designed for the comfort of the entertainment enjoyment – so it is not really affecting the quality and performance of the TV itself. Is it true? Which one do you think is better, provided that you have the budgets and you will be required to choose between the two?

Some Advantages

Basically, an LED TV can be thinner than the LCD TV because the LCD is using thicker and bigger CCF (Cold Cathode Fluorescent) lamp, so it can be very handy for your room arrangement, especially if you have limited space for your room. However, the difference in thickness isn’t significant as they are only several inches different; sometimes it is even less than an inch. Moreover, thanks to the backlighting feature, the LED TV has deeper black and more vibrant colors. If you are really serious about your entertainment program, this will be a big of a deal. But if not, the fuss of LED vs LCD disagreement won’t affect much.


Now that you have understood your facts straight, there are some things that you should consider, such as:

* Are you willing to spend more money for the LED TV? Considered as the more improved technology with sophisticated feature, this TV is naturally more expensive than the LCD TV.

* Is your entertainment enjoyment really important? Are you a gamer who switch the TV for watching programs and for gaming platform? Do you take vibrant colors or real-screen experience very seriously?

* Do you always update yourself about the newest technology and don’t want to miss one?

* Is screen size a problem for you? Some people consider best 32 inch TV is an ideal size, but then again…it’s back to your preference and wants.