Easy Method to Create Fillable PDF Forms for Windows and Mac

Since PDF has become an indispensable format for delivering various documents in our daily life, it is essential to learn how to create fillable PDF forms. Therefore, if you want to know the process of creating a writable PDF forms for Windows and Mac, follow the simple guideline.

In order to create the desired PDF form, you need a powerful PDF creator where you can not only create PDF forms from the basic templates or personalized form with specific text buttons and fields, but also have ability to edit the form as per your wish.

Steps to Follow-

Step# 1 Install the Application

At first, you need to download the PDF tool installer and go to the .exe file. Here you have to follow the instructions for installing the app in your computer.

Step# 2 Creation of PDF Form from the Basic Templates

By utilizing the template, you can create the PDF form. If you wish to save your valuable time and energy from the daunting task of creation and designing of the PDF form, it is advisable to create a writable PDF form from a basic template available on the internet. Then just clicking on the ‘Create PDF’ button, you can create a blank document.

Step# 3 Creating a Fillable Form

Now you need to launch PDF tool where you are required to open the fillable form. On the top of the toolbar, you will find the ‘Forms’ tab where you have to click on so that you can reveal all the interactive fields. Now, you need to go to ‘Edit Field’ for fillable form creation. Click on the Form Field tool to insert a form field. Then add those interactive fields as Text Field, Dropdown, Check Box, Radio Button and so on by moving the mouse on the PDF page.

Step# 4 Adding Text on the PDF Form

In order to explain the items, you are required to add the text beside those interactive fields. Here you need to add text by going to ‘Edit’ menu and clicking ‘Text tool’. Now you have to select the particular PDF form area where you want to insert text and type the text in the right way.

Here, after completion of creating fillable PDF forms, if you want to get a preview, you need to select ‘Close Form Editing’ available in the ‘Form’ menu. Then you will get the complete display of the form.

Now your fillable PDF form is ready for both Windows and Mac computers.