Do Colleges Look At PSAT Scores? The Truth About The PSAT!

Amid the college application process for some senior students, the inquiry emerges: do colleges take a gander at PSAT scores? Notwithstanding, numerous students and guardians don't realize what the PSAT really is, the way the scores are utilized, and on the off chance that they even HAVE a PSAT score!

In this article, we'll first elucidate what the PSAT is, how the scores are utilized and endeavor to answer the inquiry that got you here in any case: Do Colleges Look at PSAT Scores?

To begin with we should clarify what it is. The PSAT is an acronym for the "Preparatory SAT" test. So essentially it's a test that is controlled to secondary school Juniors (and at times Sophomores and Freshman) as a practice for the genuine SAT subject test that might be taken by an understudy. Keep in mind, the SAT is a type of college selection test/test and is here and there required for affirmation. In any case, most schools the nation over will require just the ACT test for affirmation. You can read about how to apply for college at

The PSAT covers 3 diverse segments:

•             Critical Reading Skills

•             Math Problem Solving Skills

•             Writing Skills

You will get a score in every area that will be included together to frame your general PSAT score.