Divorce and Child Custody

A mediator can assist parents engaged in contested child ‘guardianship’ (also known as ‘Vormundschaft’ in the German language) and custody dispute solves their disagreements in mediation with no litigated hearing. When domestic violence has taken place it's a good idea to get the mediation service or hire the mediator.

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Mediator and Interviewing Children

Mediators are usually trained to interview children, but kids aren't always interviewed in mediation. Interviewing children might be in the mediator's discretion and must be consistent with all the instructions put forth in Family Code section 3180(a).

Mediator Qualifications

Mediators are the professionals and will normally possess at least a Master’s Degree and expertise in their fields of parenting, family, and child counseling.

Mediators will ordinarily be trained to the developmental needs of children and the way domestic violence, child abuse, material abuse, separation, and divorce may have an impact on these.

Mediator Limitations

A mediator might be unable to assist all parents to solve their disputes. Some cases are too intricate or far too acrimonious.

If you take part with meditation you are going to want to seek advice from a lawyer in your area that will assist you to understand the mediation procedure, criteria, function, your rights, and also exactly what mediators can and can't do in mediation.