Details About EB5 Visa

The Immigration Act of 1990 created a particular type of US visa known as the EB5 visa that applied exclusively to immigrant investors.

Although this visa is scheduled to end in September of 2012, it is a method used for obtaining a "green card" for those foreign individuals who want to invest funds in the US. You can also check online and find out more about EB-5 Visa Requirements.

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Hence, the EB5 is referred to as an investment.

What's required to acquire an EB5 visa?

There are particular criteria or requirements which an immigrant investor needs to fulfill so as to procure an EB5 visa. The person needs to be:

  • preserving or creating jobs for at least 10 American employees (not including the investor or the immediate household of the investor)
  • investing $1 million total
  • investing $500,000 in places where unemployment is high or a underdeveloped rural region (known as TEA or Targeted Unemployment Area)

The investment can be created in one of 2 kinds. To begin with, it may be made right to a commercial company which produces employment/jobs if they are new or existing. Second, it could be made into your 3rd party managed investment group or automobile for personal or public way (i.e. a regional centre). This 3rd party assumes the duty of producing the jobs the funds are paying for.

Getting an EB5 visa

The EB5 visa (or investment visa) goals those immigrants that have a very high yearly income or their net worth exceeds $1 million.