Decorating Tips For Your Banquet

Useful Tips on Decorating

Reception Tables at Banquet Halls

banquet halls WindsorDecoration is one aspect which can be used to create a lasting impression over your guests and make the reception a memorable one. There are many things which you need to look into for decorating the banquet hall but our main aim here will be to check some of the things you can do with table decoration at the venue.

Aspects to Keep Note of for Decorating Reception Tables

Banquet halls Windsor region can have unique aspects such as tall windows, high ceilings of massive floor spaces. Such locations pose their unique challenges in terms of what type of decoration can be used for these settings. One such challenge you will have to face will be of how to appropriately set up and decorate tables at the venue. Let us look at few tips which will help you decorate the tables in the right manner. We will also go through some suggestions on how to decorate square tables.

Disperse Details – Create Balance – Experiment with Shapes

Value of Dispersing Details

In case you plan to use rectangular tables then there is plenty of space on such tables to be filled. But you should not try to cover every inch of available space, instead you should aim to:

  • Pick up a few strategic spots and add accent hues at those spots.
  • Utilize on-place settings through place cards or menu.
  • Use tall candlesticks to line up middle of these rectangular tables.

Create a Balance

Selection of tables should depend upon the special features present at the banquet hall. As for example, if there are over sized windows then you will have to take steps to balance them out.

This can be done by using longer tables which help in providing the room more depth.

Experiment with Shapes

You need to select standard round plates, instead opt for shapes which are similar to shape of the table, as for instance, square plates if you plan to use square tables at the venue.

Tips on Decorating Square Reception Tables

Establishing borders with the help of square tables can be useful in creating a sense of place. However, you should arrange them at angles so that the space gets an interesting feel. 

Pay Attention to Symmetry – Use Circles – Add Colors

Let us look at some of the other points which you can make use of for decorating square tables at banquet halls Windsor.

  • Importance of Symmetry: Squares symbolize solid shapes and as such to enhance their appeal you need to add some amount of symmetry. To accomplish this objective you need to put your focus on how these square tables are surround. As such, you need to ensure that chairs are placed on all sides of the table.
  • Incorporate Circles: Make things interesting by using round accents. As for instance, votives can be placed on the tables and circular lighting suspended from ceilings.
  • Add Colors: You can break the monotony of squares by adding colors. Colorful seat cushions can be the simplest way of achieving this objective. However, you will have to pick colors which complete the color theme you have select for the occasion.


Thus, we will conclude here by saying that table decoration can be made interesting if done thoughtfully by taking into consideration the setting as well as the color theme of the occasion.