Deck And Patio Construction – Building Deck Railings That Last

The deck railings are just as important as the deck itself. The railings provide the finishing touch and overarching style of the basic decking platform.

Most homeowners and builders will use the same material for the railings as they do for the base decking material but it’s not impossible to opt for a different material in the railings.

When making the choice, you not only have to consider aesthetics but also the maintenance in the long term.

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 Normal Deck Railings

The most normal type of rail can be found in houses across the U.S. in each state and each county. They comprise of beveled 2×2 timber pickets which were fastened into a 2×6 on border (at the top) and into the rim joist of this deck (that is the outer ring of wood on your deck framework).

This can be a cheap and easy alternative that many deck and patio contractors will do if no additional custom made alternative is asked.

Customized Deck Railings

As a result of the skill and imagination of both patio and deck builders, it is possible to get nearly any size and form from the timber used for constructing your deck railings.

These railings – frequently with aluminum inserts to advantage – are getting more popular with all the DIY audiences as the metallic deck comes together with no demand for welding.