Dealing With Affairs In The Christian Community

I have been in the Christian communal in my entire life, but I can’t remember one time ever hearing somebody demonstrate on matters in the church.

I think of hearing about the deacon cheating, preachers cheating and the church administrators cheating but never hearing or seeing this matter being distributed within an informational or educational manner.  

Now I know because it might be tough to instruct on something which you yourself haven't experienced or conquer. You can also look for various church services near me via

In many instances, if a person has undergone an affair from the church, then they aren't ready to risk the ridicule and decisions which will follow after exposing their event.  It's almost as if when you've got an event the church will crucify one to the cross.

I'm convinced this is one reason that Christians don't talk on this problem since they don't need to risk the psychological crucifixion in the front of the congregation.

I understand what I'm speaking of since I retained my affair concealed for 13 decades.  In this period I had been teaching, preaching and inviting men to be loyal to their wives.

I was a young Christian ministry, using a fantastic family, who loved God, but who'd messed up.  I didn't wish to tell my spouse because I understood or presumed she'd abandon me.