Construction of Olympic Games Stadium in Japan is Cancelled

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, announced a design that will be used as the national stadium so one of the landmarks ahead of the Olympic Games in 2020 has been canceled. Because the prospective design of the world's most expensive stadium will drain massive funds. It is a surprising issue indeed. Click here to have more information.


According to the news, Abe has ordered a review of relevant plans and also re-open the bidding process for construction of the stadium is going to be the venue of opening and closing the biggest sporting event in the world. Actually, the construction of the stadium designed by architect, Zaha Hadid, planned to commence in October 2015 at the site of the previous stadium built today host the 1964 Olympics.


Figure the cost of the stadium with a shape similar to a cyclist's helmet up to USD $ 2 billion, and the plan was completed in 2019 ahead of hosting the Rugby World Cup. The fee doubled from the original plan when Japan was selected to host in 2013.

"We decided to go back from the beginning of the Olympic stadium-related plan Paralympics Tokyo, and started from scratch," Abe said to the media. "Soaring costs too much. I've heard the voice of the people and athletes around the last month, asking to reconsider. We will minimize the ordinary as possible and make the best are also the most realistic," he added.

Hadid's design made the stadium seating capacity of 80,000 with the roof half-closed, standing on an iron stake, seats that can be moved, and also earthquake resistant.

However, unfortunately, the Japanese economy is currently not in prime condition. Not to mention the development in Japan reached the highest price since 1993, especially in big cities sorts of Tokyo. Japan is also in a period of reconstruction after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.