Common Types of Lanyards

Lanyards, also known as lanyards, are cords or straps that are worn around the neck for holding and displaying identification cards. They have gained popularity over the recent years due to rise in security concerns.


Beaded lanyards are being used to hold ID cards basically. They are incredibly ornamentally designed and are sometimes considered to be a piece of jewelry therefore. There's a vast selection of beaded id necklaces varying long, material and color. If you want to know more about the rolling paper, you can also navigate to


Woven lanyards are recognized for their durability. The number of woven lanyards is tremendous. If you have a rest away chiseled woven lanyard with o-ring, the other contains a non-breakaway lanyard with a bulldog clip connection. The accuracy, with which woven necklaces are created, makes them suited to workplaces.

Breakaway And Non-breakaway

These lanyards are usually made up of a cheap changeable wire. Non-breakaway lanyards are stiff and non-elastic in aspect generally. Alternatively, breakaway lanyards are very elastic. In the entire circumstance of the breakaway style, the two bits of lanyard can be segregated easily when pressure is applied.


A terrific way to promote your brand is to print out your brand or company logo on your lanyard. Custom lanyards are made of flat cotton usually, polyester and nylon. They could be custom-made according to your unique needs. The procedure of printing functions as a significant criterion for deciding the sort of material to be utilized for printing.