Cleaning hardwood Floors good tips to follow!

  When comes to cleaning your hardwood floors, there are a few tips that will give your wood floors long lasting life. 

It is recommended to follow this simple 3 step proccess: daily cleaning, quarterly care and preventive measures.  

Daily cleaning 

It is important to know that everyday certain amount of dirt and grit is brought into the home by shoes. The larger the family, the more dirt will be brought in. Most of the dirt is deposited at the entrance of the main door and in the kitchen. 

It is best to sweep the floor with a soft broom to get rid of dirt and sand. If the sand is not cleaned away it will scratch the floors and eventually dull the surface finish. Do this on a daily basis or on alternate days. For better results a hardwood vacuum floor cleaner could be used. However be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate bristles and accessories. 

Important tip: One of the biggest enemies of hardwood floor is water. If water or liquids (coffee or other beverages) are present and not wiped off immediately, they will seep into the floors and cause warping. 

Quarterly cleaning 

Daily cleaning will not remove any grease build up over the months. So once every three months a deep cleaning using the correct chemical cleaner solution is recommended. As always, be sure to read the labels of the chosen cleaner products and follow the instructions. Cleaning with regular detergents or vinegar solution is NOT advisable. These solutions can strip/dull the finish off of the wood floors if used for a long peroids of time.  I suggest cleaing hardwoods floors with Bona.

A word of caution, some hardwood floors are now finished with polyurethane. This gives the floor a shiny and glossy glow, but they need to be cleaned differently. If you have this type of floor, you might need to buff the floor with wax. Here the same rule applies: follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Preventive measures 

In order to protect the hardwood floors from being damaged, this simple preventive tips should be followed: 

  • Never drag heavy furniture or objects on the hardwood floors.
  • Use protective felt pads under the legs of table or chair to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid wearing high heels or heavy shoes or spiked shoes on the hardwood floors as they can damage the floor.
  • Place carpet runners, floor mats or rugs on high traffic areas such as main entrance or in the kitchen.
  • Always remove a spill as quickly as possible , I use a spin mop. There are plenty of spin mop reviews to help you find a good one for you.

With the above tips ,regular cleaning schedule and using the appropriate cleaner solutions (according to manufacturer’s instructions) you will protect your hardwood floor investment for years to come.