CCTV Security Cameras – Basic Features

CCTV cameras have been in use for several decades now, yet the idea has not changed much since their introduction. The two significant changes are their availability and their recording method.

Most cameras today record the motion picture digitally, and the data is usually stored in digital form on a hard drive or different media. With the increasing popularity of such surveillance equipment, their price may be falling steadily, making them available for small business owners as well as citizens who want to protect their home and family. This article is written those of you that do not yet have experience and know-how about computers security cameras. There are many companies which provide all types of security services to a variety of ‘blue-chip’ clients

Wireless cameras use radio stations signals to transmit the picture towards the main security board, and will often have their own built-in, rechargeable power. They are easy to move, and can be set up discreetly in places where instalment of any wired camera would become unfeasible. Their price may be a bit higher compared to of wired cameras though, and a wireless camera’s feed may be easily ‘hijacked’ or even modified by a seasoned hacker from a distance. You should only mount wireless cameras for short-term surveillance.


PZT means Panning, Zooming and Slanting. A PZT camera may be controlled by personnel, who can use it to visit a suspicious person, or merely scan a wider place. The pro is that a huge area can be surveyed by a single, well-placed PZT video camera. The con is which you are required a person controlling the item. Installing more static security cameras is a better option, but is more costly.