Black Ops Zombie Guide – How To Easily Beat Them

Black Ops Zombie is a mini game in Call of Duty and is quite popular among people. In this article, I am going to reveal some strategies that you can use to reach to the maximum possible levels of this game.

First of all, you must know how to recognize between Zombies and other players. Until you shoot the head of Zombies, they won’t die easily. Trying to kill a zombie by targeting its arms or legs is a mere wastage of ammo and time.

That’s why, you must target on the head of the zombie. This will also allow you to get some extra points. It was one of the basic strategies of this game.

Another strategy is to leave a Zombie alive while you regroup with your team as you won’t be able to proceed to next level unless you kill the last Zombie. You should also look for zombies map black ops 3 as it will help you in winning.

As you reach level 7, try buying a ray gun. You can find it in a mystery box that is present on the locations marked with a “?” and a green light. You must check all the locations as it can be present any location.

With each level, Zombies will get stronger and it will be difficult to kill them. So by the end of level 12, you must make sure that your team members have ray guns.