Best 32 Inch TV from Panasonic

When we talk about world's television manufacturers, we can't forgot about Panasonic. Panasonic's products are still people's favorite and their still has various products on the market. This also means that there will be competition that led to reasonable price. Now everyone can have LED TV, right?

Let`s talk about TV

If you are looking for new TV for your bedroom or living room, Panasonic has best 32 1080p TV models that will fulfill your needs. Look no further, here they are.

1. Panasonic TX-32AS600

If you look at this TV`s specifications, this TV is perfect for modern living room, even to your bedroom. This Full HD TV offers you lots of free channels, like BBC Sport, BBC iPlayer, BBC News, 4OD, Demand Five apps and ITV Player. But even if it`s a Full HD TV but it has lack of sharpness and poor contrast and lack of processing power too. But still great piece for your home, nonetheless.

2. Panasonic TX-32A400

This Full HD TV is another great 32 inch TV options from Panasonic. It offers you Freeview HD channel and great compatibility to play digital music, videos and photo files via USB. The only flaw this model has is its motion blur. But aside of that, this model still nailed it and will serve you clean pictures with good contrast.

3. Panasonic TX-32AS500

This smart TV from Panasonic has to be considered, too. It offers you good color and contrast, impressed web browser, excellent Remote 2 app and soft look. The only minus is its low audio but it doesn`t big problem because this HD TV looks pretty impressive, right?

Panasonic is still on game

Panasonic also offers you more option for TV products, like 60 inch TV and others. If you still interested with this brand and acknowledge its quality, let`s go shopping then! Here is just a short info about 60 inch TVs, please go to our site at Exim TV Designs.