Apprentice Electricians – How to Find Job Vacancies

Put the Word Out

Let people know that you intend to train as an electrician. Your friends and family may know or may even work alongside electricians in the construction industry. Other people may be aware of opportunities and openings and can pass on your details.

Do Some Research

You will have a lot to learn so start by compiling a list of questions that you need answering. Go online and make yourself aware of all the different aspects of electrical work. You can also check sydney electrician online to get more information about the electricians.

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Carry out some research on the different types and sizes of cables, tools and even learn about some of the electrical regulations that are an important part of an electrician's job

Finding Electricians to Work For

Make a shortlist of electricians in your area that you think are worth approaching. Get their information from telephone and trade directories and also look online for local electrical companies. Contact them by phone and offer to send your CV.

Posting your CV is another option but this can be expensive if you are sending out lots. Only email your details if you have been asked to. Don't send unsolicited emails as they are rarely opened and often trashed.

Gaining Experience

To show that you are willing to learn you could offer to work free of charge as an electrician's mate for a short period. This would help you to gain experience and get a feel for the job as an electrician. Sometimes these arrangements can lead to a permanent position.