All About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve is usually a restrictive bariatric operation that induces weight-loss by limiting your diet and controlling hunger pangs. The surgery that may also be called as sleeve gastrectomy, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy calls for reducing the stomach quantity to 20-30% of it is original size.

Undoubtedly, bariatric surgery is among the greatest advancements in treating morbid obesity and bodyweight related problems. With the evolution associated with bariatric surgery came your development of minimally-invasive weight-loss surgery techniques and improved surgical instruments.

Now-a-days all bariatric methods including gastric sleeve are widely performed by having a laparoscopic technique, using which a bariatric medical expert makes numerous small incisions inside belly, instead of creating a long surgical cut through the abdomen, to allow passage with the surgical instruments to work.

Laparoscopic technique is surely remarkable, but bariatric experts have recently created more non-invasive technique allowing the weight loss surgeons to execute the surgery using a single, relatively small laparoscopic cut rather then five incisions.

Sleeve gastrectomy is now able to potentially be done by simply single incision! As averse to the conventional multi-incision laparoscopic surgical procedure, single incision gastrectomy is performed through one surgical cut throughout the belly button, giving patient more comfort through the process. For more help visit

Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy

Having a single incision gastric sleeve surgical procedure, the surgeon is capable of remove about 85% of your respective stomach by making only 1 small incision, often less than 1-inch, in the umbilicus, or bellybutton to maximize the patient's comfort amount and minimize surgical skin damage and recovery time.