All about DePuy Attune Knee Lawsuit 

A DePuy Attune Knee suit asserts the knee implant is defectively designed. Surgical paste won’t correctly hold the DePuy knee apparatus to the tibia bone.

The faulty design causes premature failure, intense pain, distress reduction, and much more. If you want to know more about defective Depuy knees require complicated revision surgery then click right here.

Onder Law - DePuy Knee Attorneys

Our law firm is currently accepting cases for men and women that obtained an Attune Knee replacement. Anyone having an Attune knee that suffered harm — such as premature failure, acute pain, illness, mobility reduction, or revision operation — is advised to call our law firm to get a free legal consultation about a possible DePuy Attune Knee Lawsuit case.

Attune Knee Failure Rates

The Attune Knee apparatus was failing in an unacceptably significant rate. Failure happens because this medical apparatus was created with too-smooth surface. This smooth surface makes it hard, or impossible, for the medical adhesive to efficiently hold an Attune Knee device to some tibia bone.

Negligent Design

Attune knee suits claim negligent layout. DePuy negligently made the Attune knee by opting to offer it an ineffectually smooth metallic surface. That smoothness keeps medical paste from sticking with it, preventing the knee replacement out of staying in place.

Since the cement-like substance can’t stick to the Attune Knee apparatus, the knee breaks loose in the patient’s tibia bone, causing intense pain and restricted mobility.