A Little Talk About Earthquakes And The Damage They Bring

Unfortunately, we cannot control the Earth. If we somehow could, then things like earthquakes or storms would not be an issue anymore. No more dealing with the aftereffects and we will not be subjected to loss and sorrow anymore. As it stands, we are likely to keep suffering about this for the end of time. At least until those big shot scientists can find a way to make them stop. Until then, we will be suffering earthquake damage.

We always see earthquakes happening in movies and shows. And whenever we watch them we sometimes have this detachment about it until we are experiencing it in real life. And then it turns from something boring to something that makes us freeze in fear. Even with all the drills, they made us do in school.

Those drills are doing the right thing teaching us, but if it was the real deal, we would not be calmly walking out of the building in a single line with books pressed up against our heads as a means of protection. There are no teachers letting us go first and making sure we get out safely. That just does not happen.

If you have experienced an earthquake whilst in school, you know teachers sometimes cannot give a care for us. At the first ring of a real quake, they would even be the first to run out, leaving the students behind to fend for themselves. Sad, is it not? Students would be panicking because of this and all the teachings of the drill would go outside the window.

This causes mass panic and hysteria. People would get hurt more this way with all the shoving and screaming. Even the ones who remembered to do the exact drill would forget it because mob mentality is a thing and if you heard screaming, you would panic too. That is just how us humans work.

Sadly, it is disappointing that teachers do not even care about their students when it is clearly their job to give them protection as they learn. They could spout out some PSA crap about how they love their jobs and that students were the first priority and all that. But when it really gets down to it, they would show their true colors.

Be honest, if you have experienced an emergency while at school, did your teacher really made it clear that all your safety was their priority? If yes, then awesome. Good for you and we hope that that teacher is doing well for themselves. Unfortunately, most schools do not have that kind of heart.

Especially in college. Because they think that college students were old enough and on some occasions arrogant enough not to accept help from their mentors, they tend to just leave them be. They do not understand that just because they are old enough, does not mean the will not need our help.

If they are still students, then they definitely need some guiding. With education, yes of course. But most of all when the going gets tough.