A Guide To Self-Defense Tools That Are Appropriate For Females

Did you know that plenty of crimes against ladies might have been prevented if they had taken self-defense steps against their assailants? Plenty of these victims have given statements to the police like "what could I do?" and "I was so frightened, that I did not take out my pepper spray."

They cannot do anything about the second victim, because her mind could not take in the fact that they were being assaulted, although they had an important self-defense device at hand. These tools are definitely not going to be of any use at all, if they are not basically available within a couple of seconds. As for the first victim, can only be surprised at such naivety. 

What could you do? You could scream for help. You could struggle. You can look around for selfe defense weapon like pepper spray to deter any kind of assault on your person. You could have prevented that crime from happening, basically.

Regrettably, plenty of female assault victims fall prey to stalkers. The mournful thing is that you cannot show somebody to be a stalker," until the crime has been committed." This very daft law has given potential criminals plenty of leeway to say, "I was following her. I did not say or do anything. You have nothing on me." This gives stalkers a chance to go right ahead and try to scare somebody else, for kicks.