2016, The Year You Can Purchase The Hololens

Hololens, a holographic headset developed by Microsoft, allows you to insert 3D image holographs into your real life environments while interacting with those images in real time, using your hands. There is no question about it, Hololens has been impressing tens of thousands of viewers around the globe and will soon be available for purchase next year, 2016. Hololens provides a completely new way of learning, development, and gameplay for the consumers who can first afford to drop a cool three grand on the holographic headwear. You can learn more about Hololens facts if you click here.


The latest Youtube video to be released about the Hololens shows how users can interact with Minecraft using holographs. In the video demonstration a man is using the Hololens while playing on a Minecraft world which is projected on a wall. Later in the demonstration the Hololens user pulls the Minecraft world from the wall and projects a 3D model of the game onto his coffee table, where he can physically circle around the outside of his Minecraft world. Additionally, the Hololens user is able to pan into his Minecraft world, looking into the structures, mines, and other elements created by his user within the Minecraft realm.


Additionally, there was a Hololens game that became the center of demonstration, as holographic robots broke through the users environment in attempt to destroy the user. The game demonstration showed how Hololens detects the users custom environment and is able to use manipulate the Hololens game based on the area the user is currently inside. How much does the Hololens cost? If you are a Windows Insider account holder you can purchase no more than two Hololens in the year of 2016 which will cost you a cool three thousand dollars per unit. Its important to note that those who purchase the Hololens in the year of 2016 will be acquiring the developer edition which is only available using the English language.